Friday 15th December 2017

The North American Spice Destination – Mexico

Mexico City is the Federal District and the largest city of Mexico, North America. Tokyo being the largest and Seoul at second largest Mexico City is the world’s third largest metropolitan area by population. Mexico is the most important financial, Cultural and educational center of the country.


After a complete destruction in 1521 due to a war between Aztecs and Spanish army, the city was redesigned and reconstructed. The city has an unmatchable fame for its business and Economy, Culture, Music and Cuisine.

Food is the basic necessity of every living thing and human beings have given it some greater values. It’s not just a necessity to fill up your stomach, but Mexican Cuisine tickles your taste buds, gives a flavorsome great taste and a symbol of culture and hospitality. Mexican food has all the spices of life and every taste of emotions. In Mexico City you can not only enjoy Mexican food, different restaurants offer almost every type of regional, continental and cultural food from…Read more