Wednesday 13th December 2017

Nature’s creativity, art and its beauty Welchman Hall Gully, Barbados

Barbados is one of the leading tourist destinations and the most developed island in the Caribbean region. Consisting of about 431 square kilometers with a moderate tropical climate, from June to November is the rainy or wet season and the dry season starts from December till May. The influence of English on the culture of this island is more prominent than on other islands in West Indies. Cricket is the national sport and many great cricketers belong to this island like Garfield Sobers and Frank Worrel. The famous singer Rihanna is also from Barbados. The largest carnival celebrated by the Barbadians.(Inhabitants of Barbados) is the Crop Over festival, Thousands of tourists flock over to participate and enjoy the culture and colors of Barbados. Music, dance and other traditional activities are performed during the festival.


Bridgetown is the main city and the capital of Barbados. With an estimated population of about 80 000 this city serves as the main business center for the country. The city was named after a bridge on a river now known as Careenage. The bridge was actually constructed by the Indians in 1872; it was a swing bridge, operated by two people.

Welchman Hall Gully is the top attraction for nature lovers and a place that must not be missed. You can feel the nature’s creativity and its art and beauty. Here you can experience a tropical forest with a vast variety of plants, flowers and trees. Visiting a forest in itself is fun and adventure but the natural and attractive scenes found here ca not be explained in words one can only enjoy it by seeing it himself and if you are a nature lover or looking for a calm attractive place just take a flight to Barbados to enjoy the real nature. Welchman Hall Gully is…Read more about Barbados