Wednesday 13th December 2017

"Mummies of the World Exhibition" living its success in Los Angeles

The world famous exhibition, “Mummies of the World” is in its final week of display in Los Angeles. It has been so far, the most successful exhibition in a decade of the California Science Centre. Starting in July 2010, “Mummies of the World” remained in lime light for the entire time and attracted millions in only days of its opening. The exhibition will be closing in less than a week on November 28, 2010. These ‘mummies on the go’ will then be visiting other cities around the US.

The next stop for this inspiring Exhibition is Milwaukee Public Museum, Wisconsin USA. In its last days, the exhibition organizers have announced ‘extended hours’ in order to accommodate the exceptional attendance over the past several weeks. The extended hours cover Friday, November 19 thru Sunday, November 21 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and on the final weekend of November 26 -28 from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The Mummies of the World, is a collection of historic and archeological artifacts from South America, Europe, Asia, Oceania, and Egypt. The most notable attractions of this exhibition include stunning mummified child from Peru that pre-dates the birth of King Tut by 3,000 years. The child is said to be approximately 6,500 years old and Analysis revealed that the baby was eight to ten months old when it originally died. The second most discussed mummy is the ‘Vác mummies’

 Mummies of the World Exhibition Flights Los Angeles Egypt

that is a whole family mummified in the 18th century. These Vac Mummies, known as “the Orlovits family” was with a group of mummies found in 1994 in a forgotten church crypt in Vac, Hungary. The mummified head of a middle-aged man who lived in Egypt during the Roman period, still half-covered in bandages is often called “the Flying Skull”. This skull contains desiccated embalming substances, but no soft tissue. Radiocarbon analysis establishes its age as c. 2025 years BC. What makes the exhibition more interesting is that the collection is not limited to human mummies this time; mummified ancient Egyptian animal mummies including a Baboon, Monkey and a Dog Mummy are unbelievably amazing. Also a 17th-century German nobleman preserved in the crypt of his family’s castle has become a celebrity of the Exhibition.

The Mummies collected from around the world and displayed at the new Mummies of the World exhibit at the California Science Center in Los Angeles have become part of the largest traveling exhibition of mummies ever assembled including over 45 mummies and 95 artifacts in the show come from 15 museums in seven countries.

The “Mummies of the World Exhibition” will tour across the country for three years.

*Picture credit – American Exhibitions, Inc.