Wednesday 13th December 2017

Current Flights, Airlines & Airports Status In UK December 06, 2010

According to BBC travel news, rescheduling, flight cancellations, delays and disruptions continued at all major Britain’s airports including flights to and from Heathrow, Manchester, Gatwick, Glasgow and New Castle. Earlier today, all flights to and from Edinburgh International Airport were suspended due to adverse weather conditions. The same situation occurred at Glasgow International Airport due to bad weather.

While Disruption for flights to and from Southampton Airport, London City Airport and Luton Airport was caused in result of adverse weather conditions over the last few days, and earlier industrial action by Spanish air traffic controllers.

Snow Updates UK

However, Birmingham, Manchester, Belfast, Leeds Bradford, Stansted, and New Castle International Airports remained operational with flights returning to normal following earlier strike by Spanish air traffic controllers.

The most current disruption many flight delays and rescheduling at Gatwick Airport today. British Airways and Fly bee flights flight BA6155 / BE7292 from Gatwick due to arrive at 11:05 are now expected at 12:50.

Disruptions and delays at Heathrow also caused delay for British Airways flights from Cairo Flight BA154 due at 12:00, now expected at 13:52. Whereas, Turkish Airlines flights to Heathrow Airport with Flight number TK1979 coming from Istanbul was originally due at 10:25, now expected at 11:25. Further, at Heathrow Airport Air Canada / Thai Airways International / United Airlines flight numbers Flight AC6123 / TG910 / UA9870 from Bangkok due at 06:20 are delayed until 19:20.

Although Gatwick airport is operational again today but flight delays are still far from controllable and British Airways flight number BA2042 due to arrive at Gatwick Airport at 17:40, is now expected at 20:32. BBC travel news also confirmed that British Airways / Caribbean Airlines Flights BA2158 and BW2904 from Port of Spain via St Lucia due to arrive at Gatwick International Airport at 09:10, now expected at 12:14.

Virgin Atlantic Airways Flights VS044 due to arrive at Gatwick Airport from Las Vegas at 10:35 was delayed until 11:27 according to last reports.

All travelers are requested to confirm current flight status from their airlines directly.