Wednesday 13th December 2017

Busy Holiday Season & Backlog – A Challenge For European Aviation

The snow spell has left aviation industry in Europe on clutches. The cancelled, delayed and disrupted flights throughout the month of December demand for extra flights to coup with the current backlog and cater to the stranded travelers at various European Airports.

In an attempt to clear a backlog of tens of thousands of passengers whose travel plans have been effected by the cold weather, many airline today will be offering flights to and from Britain, North America and various European destinations. 

Although, some reports indicate that occasional falls of snow are expected near the east coast but Met Éireann stated that generally, it will be a dry and bright day. At Dublin airport Irelands, hopes are high that as many as 65,000 people on upwards of 200 flights would be finally able to fly.


Dublin airport reopened shortly after 7am yesterday and all airports on the island were operational throughout the day, with the exception of Belfast International, which closed briefly in the morning. Air Lingus and Ryanair are both laying on extra planes to assist travelers.  Aer Lingus said it was using wide-bodied planes on some European routes to increase capacity and laid on about 17 extra flights yesterday while Ryanair has in excess of 14 extra flights listed for today between Dublin and European destinations.

According to yesterday’s reports Frankfurt airport Germany and Charles Douglas Airport Paris are expected to operate as normal while until yesterday, London Heathrow only catered to reduced air travel and flights of British Airways, Iberia and American airline were cancelled.

Air Zimbabwe Flights to Gatwick are also delayed and disrupted due to heavy snow and fog, this week.

All travelers are requested to contact their airline or airport before leaving home and remain updated on flight schedules, as changes are likely to occur.