Friday 15th December 2017

Southwest Airline’s Improved and Enhanced Reward Program Launched

The American Low cost airline, Southwest Airlines has recently enhanced its reward program for frequent flyers. This step is speculated to have impact on the airline’s reputation as a low cost airline and will most likely trigger a Business class cliental for the carrier.

Today on Jan 06, 2011 Southwest Airline is unveiling the first major update to its frequent flyers program with enhanced features and upgrades that will redefine the ‘Rapid Reward Program’ launched by the airline around 24 years earlier.

According to Associated Press reports on the subject, Southwest’s new frequent-flier program, points earned go up with the price of the ticket. This means that the changes will make the experience much better and more favorable for the people who pay more for tickets as the points earned are directly linked to the ticket price.

Further to this, according to the new advanced Reward program offered by Southwest Airline, people who buy full-fare tickets will be able to earn more points per dollar than those flying on advance-purchase fares. With these alterations and more, Southwest is a new tough competitor in the frequent flyer market.

southwest_airlines_flights_washingtonEmphasizing on the need of the hours, Southwest’s senior director of loyalty and partnerships Ryan Green said: "We just know that relative to the size of airline we are, we ought to be garnering more frequent fliers,"

He further added: "We think there were structural things about the old program that kept us from getting our fair share. Part of the impetus in designing this new program was to remove some of those barriers so we can get our fair share," said Green, Southwest’s senior director of loyalty and partnerships.

The airline has invested close to $100 million over the past five years to develop its revamped program, according to Gary Kelly chairman and chief executive Southwest Airlines.

Southwest airline is a major low-cost and cheap flight provider in the US and international market. Its popular routes include flights to New York City, Miami, Chicago, Orlando, Boston, Las Vegas, Washington, Tamp, Los Angeles etc.