Friday 15th December 2017

Iberia Offers more and New Routes from Madrid to Brazil

The Spanish airline Iberia has launched its new destinations, expanding its flight network to Fortaleza and Recife.The carrier that has recently merged with British Airways (BA) making a historic and successful merger and has already taken the capital market by storm is now progressing in leaps and bounds by expanding its flight network.

madrid-airport-iberia-flights-brazilIberia Airline states in its press realize that it has secured over 90% load factor in the first flight. The newly added flights will be operating thrice weekly on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays. The airline expects to carry 80,000 passengers on the direct route during the first year. Further Iberia also states that new routes consolidate Brazil’s status as Iberia’s most important destination in Latin America.

These direct flights to Brazilian cities, launched by Iberia Airline will double the number of Iberia’s destinations in Brazil. The schedule allows good connections to passengers travelling from / to 36 Spanish and other 38 European destinations via Madrid, linking the Spanish capital and both cities.

The specified flight times given by Iberia airline are that the flight leaves Madrid at 12:05 and arrives in Fortaleza at 16:25. From there it leaves at 17:45 to Recife landing at 19:15. At 21:15, the flight leaves from Recife and arrives in Madrid airport at 09:25 next day. The route will be…Read more