Wednesday 13th December 2017

Flights To USA From Britain – Delta Airline

The American Airline, head quartered in Atlanta has recently won approval of both Governments to start its new daily flights to Miami and Boston from London, UK. Delta Airlines has also been shown a green flag from the European Commission (EC) and US Department of Transportation (DOT).

Delta Airline’s flights to Miami and Boston are planned to take off starting from March 27th, 2011. The flight times, however will be announced sometime in December 2010. British Airways and American Airline have given up their few Heathrow slots earlier this year, to get approval of their joint-venture transatlantic flights, following which Delta Airline has been granted approval of European Commission and Department of Transportation, US. Glen Hauenstein, Delta’s executive vice-president for network planning, said in this regard:

"Delta appreciates the efforts of the US Department of Transportation and the European Commission to expand competition between the US and Heathrow by making slots available for new entrants on these routes.”

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Delta Airline is a member of Skyteam airline alliance which holds the smallest number of slots at London Heathrow Airline for the reason Delta has also argued that its proposed services would bring the most benefit to customers at bidding for the Heathrow terminal slots.

Delta will operate the new routes in cooperation with its joint-venture partners Air France-KLM and Alitalia Airline. The transatlantic Miami-Boston route will be Delta Airline Network’s fourth route in Boston and fifth in Miami. In terms of annual passengers Delta will become the second largest carrier in the world, after United-Continental merger.