Wednesday 13th December 2017

Flights to South America with Aerolineas Argentinas Airline

Earlier today Aerolineas Argentinas Airline has announced its “Group fares for April 2011”. This is a great time for schools, organizations and big families as the carrier has released a number of flight fares suitable for application to group travel. The seasonality to avail these fares starts from traveling dates in April through to June 2011.

Aerolineas_Argentinas_plane_on_runway_offers_flights_south_americaThe promotional airfares by Aerolineas Argentinas Airline is perfectly mapped and can be booked closer to April Bank Holiday to have a great vacation in Argentina or Uruguay. Also travelers may book flights to Brazil, South America and enjoy the lovely Latin Summer on a white sandy beach.

The fares are starting from as low as 699 GBP inclusive approx however, not to forget the number of seats available in this promotional activity is limited. Other prominent destinations offered by…Read more