Friday 15th December 2017

American Airlines Skidded Off The Runway While Landing

Today at Jackson Hole Airport (JAC) Wyoming, an American Airlines plane skidded off the runway while landing however no injuries were reported. Federal officers have informed AOL news that the incident was caused by heavy snow fall. The American Airline Flights Number AA2253 was coming from Chicago with around 175 passengers on board. Including the crew, two pilots and four attendants the Boeing 757 was carrying 181 people at the time of the incident.

According to American Airlines spokesperson, Ed Martelle the plane had a "long rollout" when it landed at 11:37 a.m and the aircraft came to a stop on a hard surface, not in grass or brush.


Ray Bishop, Director Jackson Hole Airport told Associated Press that the plane went into deep snow 658 feet past the end of the runway. Fortunately, there has been no damage to the travelers or the plane. As it was snowing at the time of the mishap, speculations are that the plan skidded off due to heavy snow and got off the runway.

American Airline is the flagship carrier of US and is also a Oneworld Alliance member. The airline offers not only wide domestic and regional connectivity but also offers flights to and from New York, Boston, Chicago, Orlando, Los Angeles, Miami, Newark, Tampa, Las Vegas and throughout the US to worldwide destinations.