Wednesday 13th December 2017

AirTran Holdings records 38.5 Million Dollars Net Income in 2010

Air Tran Holdings, recorded a massive net income of 38.5 Million Dollars in the end of 2010. The parent company of US Airline, AirTran Airways the Incorporation recorded net income of 1.9 Million Dollars in the first quarter of last year.


Air Tran Holdings Inc. has only reported eight of the past nine years profits and continues strong financial and operational growth.

Air Tran Holdings, is also expected to merge with Southwest Airlines in the coming years. Southwest is a popular low cost airline that offers flights to and from United States of America, and holds quite a reputation in domestic travel between New York, Mexico, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, Orlando, Tampa and many other destinations across the continent as well as around the world.

AirTran dominates flights to and from many American cities and is a prime carrier providing direct flights to…Read more