Friday 15th December 2017

Aer Lingus cancels 14 flights today

The Ireland’s national carrier Aer Lingus continues to battle with schedule disruptions, on the second day of strike. The cabin crew dispute over rosters has caused the airline to cancel 12 flights yesterday and about 10% of its schedule has been affected including delays.


However, the airline continues to battle with the unprecedented and is trying to operate 100% of its schedule through new hiring and rented aircrafts from other carriers. Today as well, it is reported that Aer Lingus has cancelled around 14 flights and passengers are expected to be transferred to alternate flights on the same route. The destinations include flights to London Heathrow, Amsterdam, Madrid, Malaga, Manchester and Birmingham. Aer Lingus also offers long haul transcontinental flights including flights to New York, Miami, Los Angeles and other destinations around the world.

The carrier’s spokesperson has stated that the cancellations would affect flights where there were low bookings and where passengers could best be transferred to…Read more