Friday 15th December 2017

5 at 5 – Happy Hours on Flights With American Airline

From December 01st, 2010 America’s flag carrier American Airline also known as AA has introduced its one happy drinking hour on flight. The specialty of the hour is, that unlike other airlines where you have to pay extra for cushions, extra for food, extra for drink and may have to pay extra for staring at the hostess in future..(Who knows!!!) American Airline is not charging any EXTRAS on the cocktails you are gonna get in this Happy hour.Happy Hour American Airline

All you have to pay is cost to cost. Though cocktails are usually around Dollar 7 and beer for 6, American is serving in-flight cocktails at a mere five bucks between 05 and 06 pm. This way, American airline is giving back instead of charging high.

Although the drinks are not ‘complimentary’ (as many of us may have dreamt!!!) but charging at a fair price is like American Airline’s way of thanking for flying with them. American is a popular flight for domestic connections throughout United States and also a major carrier for international flights to New York from round the world destinations.