Wednesday 13th December 2017

About Venezuela – South America

Venezuela is famous in the world for its truly amazing and magnificent waterfalls that also includes one of the world’s longest waterfalls. When talking about the beauty of Venezuela one must not forget that one of the former Miss World also belonged to Venezuela.


Venezuela has a great variety of beaches too and one can enjoy the sun sand and fun at the same very place. You can enjoy at a beach of your choice like with or without big waves, with or without crowd, and even if you like a rocky beach or a beach full of sand to have a little sunbath, you have a variety of beaches offered by Venezuela.

The largest city and the capital of Venezuela is Caracas. Caracas has repute as a party town and is counted as one of the modern cities in South America. Simon Bolivar International Airport is the main airport and is only at thirty minutes drive from the city. Venezuela is home to many of the world’s highest waterfalls and a popular tourist destination that’s why many airlines offer cheap flights to…Read more