Friday 15th December 2017

Under the Blues – Aruba

In the southern Caribbean Sea, there is a group of islands known as ABC islands, a stands for Aruba, B for Bonaire and C for Curacao Island. Aruba is one of the four countries that form the Kingdom of Netherlands; other three countries are Netherlands, Curacao and Sint Maarten.  Aruban citizens hold Dutch passports. Aruba covers a total area of about 180 square kilometers and population approximately 103,000. Mainly Dutch is the language on the island but a little English and Spanish is also spoken by the Arubans (People of Aruba). Aruba unlike many other islands in the Caribbean has a dry and warm climate; Tourists and travelers can expect a warm and sunny weather on the island.


Aruba has many spectacular cities like Oranjestad (also the capital of the country), Noord, Ceru Colorado, Piedra Plat, Santa Cruz and Bubali.Songs are specially written and composed for this Carnival by different dance parties and groups and there is also a competition for the best song of the carnival during the grand parade the whole city of Oranjestad is shut down and hundreds of participants march through the streets of the city in colorful and feathered costumes with thousands of spectators on both sides of the main street to enjoy the festival.

Oranjestad also hosts the Queen Beatrix International Airport, it provides aviation facility for many airlines, It has flight services for South America, United States, Canada, and most of the Caribbean countries. This airport receives most of the flights to Aruba. As a major tourist destination special packages are offered by tour planners for the tourists including cheap flights to Aruba along with…Read more about Aruba Travel