Friday 15th December 2017

Top Festivals of Mexico

Mexicans just love festivities and carnivals; you’ll find some festival happening in every month in almost all of the major cities of the country. We have tried to list a few of the major festivals so that if you want to be a part of these festivities you can plan your vacation in the country accordingly.

Festival de Mexico:

Held in Mid-March in the capital city of Mexico City it is the largest festival of the country with more than 50 venues set around the city where artists from around Mexico and the world perform. The festival is held in the cultural center of the Mexico City and is sure to provide you with the best time of your life. The festivities continue for a week and include music, dance and opera presented by the renowned artists.

Festival Internacional Cervantino:

Held in the month of October in the most beautiful colonial city of Mexico, Guanajuato, Cervantino has become the most prestigious arts festival in the whole of Latin America. Its beginning was humble back in the 1950’s when it started as an exhibition for local artists of Guanajuato, but it has become the largest festival that showcases the work of the artists from many Latin American countries. The city gets really crowded in the month of October so try to book your self a room prior to your arrival in the city.

Morelia International Film Festival:

Morelia is fast becoming a favorite destination for the tourists who are inspired by its 16th and 17th century colonial architecture. It gets more crowded than usual in mid-October when the city comes to life with its International Film Festival that especially show cases the films and documentaries made by the up coming Mexican Filmmakers. You will find the bars and restaurants around the city filled with the artists and directors during the festival.

Fiesta de Santa Cecilia:

The festival celebrated in the memory of Saint Cecilia considered as the patron saint of musicians is held on 22nd of November with hundreds of musicians and artists from the Mexico City and the area around it performing for all night. The major party is held at Plaza Garibaldi which involves music, dance and drink and will surely be a memorable time of your life.