Wednesday 13th December 2017

The Colorful Capital of Colombia, Bogota

Bogota is surely the capital and center of economic and political life of Colombia, but the romantic city of Cartagena with a fairy tale like feel is the center of Colombian culture. The whole city is a sight in itself, the gorgeous churches adjacent to some leafy plazas, colonial houses and some beautiful open air restaurants. The locals are friendliest in the whole of Colombia and perhaps in Latin America, and their culture, fashion and lifestyle is fascinating for the visitors.

Cartagena has its own airport but there are not many foreign flights that fly to it other than a small airline flying to Miami. So you will have to take a direct flight to Bogota, and then either you can take a bus or board a local flight to Cartagena. You will find that the best accommodation and dinning option of Colombia is Cartagena and the great thing is the low price tag that is attached to them. So book your self a nice cheap accommodation and head out to the city to explore its alleys, shops and when you get a little tired get your self a nice meal at any of the open air restaurants.

Islas de Rosario Island Cartagena ColombiaCartagena is a UNESCO’s world heritage site and is considered as culturally the richest place in the whole of South America. You will find a lot of tourists in the region and that may make it a little hectic to move around the city but that is a small price for exploring the most beautiful city of Americas. But if the things get a little too hot to handle then head to the Islas de Rosario just across the city with some relaxing beaches and resorts. It is worth a stay of at least two days, try to accommodate this time somewhere between your stay in the city.

As said the whole city of Cartagena is a worth visiting but do not miss the old quarters of the city with the colonial buildings, churches and some old open air cafes serving some of the most delicious local meals. The construction of the town started in the 16th century as a Hispanic settlement and you can still see some parts of the old protection wall around the old quarters that was built during that era. This city is full of history and colors, so it’s recommended that you stay there for at least 2 weeks.