Thursday 18th January 2018

The Best Colonial City of Latin America, Sucre Bolivia

If you have visited South American countries like Brazil and Columbia then you are in for a big surprise when you land in La Paz, Bolivia. While the rest of the continent is getting ready to become a part of the developed world, the country of Bolivia has lagged far behind than its neighbors in the economic field but if you want to see the real beauty of the colonial era Latin America then there is no better place to be in than Bolivia.

And in Bolivia the best piece of colonial architecture is the city of Sucre that was made a world heritage site in 1991. The beautiful and simple 17th and 18th century houses that form this old city in the middle of some marvelous surroundings, is a sight that attracts thousand of tourists each year.

Being still a small town there is no major airport in the area and if you flying in from outside of Bolivia then the best option will be to take a La Paz Flights and then make the rest of the journey either through the local bus service or by hiring a car from the city. The accommodation facilities in Sucre are basic and will be hard to find if you arrive in the summers when the area is flocked with the tourists, so it will be a better idea to make the reservations in advance. The setting of Sucre alone make it worth visiting surrounded by low mountains and the climate that is mildest in the country, it provides an excellent opportunity for a relaxing vacation.

Sucre acted as the capital of the country for the better part of the 19th and 20th century until it was moved to La Paz, but the city is still the center of excellence in learning with its university that is part of the top few in the country and the continent. But the real attraction of the city is its architecture, the colonial era white buildings with distinctive red tiled roofs and balconies that are well preserved. The preservation sense is so obvious in the city that it is a crime to paint your house with black color.

Sucre is perhaps the easiest city in the world to take a walk in, and has the most laid back approach to the life in perhaps the whole continent. Many restaurants of the city are either on the sidewalks or the little luxurious ones are located in one of these old buildings with a beautiful view of the city and the surrounding mountains from their balconies.

Parque Cretacico is another famous attraction of Sucre, now a cement quarry but it has a history of more than 65 million years which can be explored by visiting the museum in the area. According to the archeologists that are working in the area the tracks of 165 different species of dinosaurs have been found in the region. A vacation in Sucre will be a unique experience and will provide you with an awesome relaxing opportunity.