Friday 15th December 2017

Stunning Landscape of Sierra Norte, Mexico

 Your trip to Mexico can be because of many reasons, may be you are there for partying in Cancun or want to see some historical sites in Tikal or may be do both of them in Mexico City. But if the reason of you taking this long journey to Mexico is having a relaxing vacation in one of the most beautiful landscape in Americas and perhaps in whole world then you should head to the mountains of Sierra Norte. Located in Northern Oaxaca region of Mexico the mountains are the most well forested highlands of Latin America and are home to the traditional communities of Mexico. A tour to the area not only provides some stunning landscapes but also an opportunity to observe the rich culture and lifestyle of indigenous people of Mexico.

Oaxaca City is the best symbol of a colonial era Mexican city with well preserved buildings from the 17th and 18th centuries. Though it has its own airport but the only international flight flying to it is of Continental Airline flying from Houston, Texas. If you are flying from some where else then the best option is to find a cheap flight to Mexico City and then take a connecting flight to Oaxaca. The city it self is a destination to explore with its stunning colonial architecture and museums but right now we are talking about what lays outside of the city.

For travelling to Sierra Norte you can hire a car from the car hire services in the city but the best way to make the journey is on a traditional truck. As you start entering the area surrounding the Sierra Norte you will be amazed by the diversity of its wildlife and plants. Sierra Norte has more than 350 bird species and around 300 different types of butterflies along with 4000 plants.

The area is also known to have all 6 of the big cats of Mexico. The landscape is lush and dotted by the small villages that maintain their traditional life style and stay mostly immune to the effects of outside world. You can decide to stop in any one of the major towns in the area. Cuajimoloyas is favoured by most tourists because of its high altitude from where you can get a clear view of the most of the Sierra Norte area provided it’s not covered with the clouds. Another reason for choosing this town is the number of Cabañas or traditional hotels in it which offer decent services at an astonishingly low price.

The best activity to do in the Sierra Norte is Trekking in its mountains, which is part of the daily life of the locals who travel to different towns and villages of the area by trekking the mountains. The best time for trekking is considered to be early morning when the sun is still not that warm and most of the area is shrouded in the mist providing a gasp inspiring view. You can also opt to explore the area on the back of a horse which can be arranged on request by your cabana owner and will be an excellent experience during your stay in these beautiful highlands.