Friday 15th December 2017

Paraguay River – The Ultimate Attraction

Paraguay is a nation located in South America with Argentina to its south and southwest, Bolivia to the northwest, Brazil to the east and northeast. Due to its central location in the South America it is also known as the “Heart of America”.

Paraguay_RiverAsuncion is the largest city and the capital of Paraguay; it is also the main industrial and cultural center of the country, main productions of the city include textiles, tobacco and footwear.

This city has the highest literacy rate in the country, which is 95%. The number of educational institutes likes schools and colleges has increased rapidly in the last decade and the number of students has also been nearly doubled in the last few years. Some of the best-known educational institutes include American School of Asuncion, Colegio Nacional de la Capital, Colegio Santa Clara and Colegio Cristo Rey. Main universities in the city include…Read more about Paraguay