Friday 15th December 2017

New Orleans is Different

Travelling to New Orleans is fun, but its different than travelling to any where else in the country. The city is not famous for the historical monuments, museums, beaches or theme parks, its famous for its energy filled atmosphere. It is the largest city of the state of Louisiana and its fusion of magnificent French architecture and the African America energy makes it such a tourist hot spot that it attracts thousands of them annually, and gives it the title of the northern most Caribbean city. The activities here range from a swim or a boat ride in the Mississippi river to spending the whole night in one of the many lively nightclubs of the city.

The city was hit by the hurricane Katrina which resulted in quite a lot of human and material loss and many of the residents of the city were left home less. But this did not dent the spirits of the Nawlins who take pride in the care free and laid back life style of their city. As it is a major city of the state so you can find a cheap flight to New Orleans from almost all major airports of the United States and many international airports worldwide. The prices for accommodation in New Orleans vary with the district within the city where you are planning to stay in during you visit but its mostly quite affordable.

The first place that most tourists to the city head for is the famous French Quarters, the district that is the oldest of all the districts in the city. It has some marvelous French architecture and the colonial era buildings of the 17th century are still in quite a good shape. You will find the best clubs, restaurants and museums of the city in this district which are usually flocked by the tourists and you will find more tourists in them than the locals.

Another place worth visiting is the city’s central business center located in a structure called the Super Dome which serves as the exhibition and sport center of the city. It came to the attention of people world wide during the Katrina Hurricane episode when it housed thousands of home less residents of the New Orleans. Within the central business center you will find the facility of the Museums and Aquarium of the Americas which is considered as on of the most complete collection of the animal and plant species of the Northern and Southern Americas.

New Orleans is the home of Jazz, this is where it all started and a tour to the city will not be completed until you listen to a concert in one of its many nightclubs. The best time to go to New Orleans will be during the festivities of Mardi Gras or Carnival Time which is known as the world’s largest free party. It is held in the last week of February to the mid of March, this year it started on the 8th of March while according to the authorities they will be arranging it on the 21st of February in 2012.