Friday 15th December 2017

Magical Landscape of Utah

Utah may be the smallest and the little-populated state of the continental USA, but it sure is a paradise for the tourists looking for adventure and some awe inspiring landscape. There are no hip cities like LA or New York here that can offer any real attraction within them, so when you think of a vacation in Utah it always means exploring its rugged and barren but gorgeous landscape outside the cities.

If you are coming from Europe to Utah then one thing that will surprise you is the numbers of European tourists as compared to the local Americans. The ratio is at least 1:2 with 2 being the share of the Europeans, but in the recent years the Americans are also feeling the attraction of the place and Utah tourism industry may see a boom in the next 5 years.

Consider a vast landscape of plunging canyons, moving sandstone domes, some high peaks and a seemingly endless desert in which no one has ever trekked or hiked before, this is Utah, and at first it will provide you the feel of stepping into another planet altogether. The topography of the area can be a little over whelming and haunting at times but it also mesmerizes you to just sit there and stare at its vast expanse. The best option for entering the state will be to take a cheap flight to Salt Lake City, which is the largest metropolis of the state.

It totally depends upon the season in which you arrive in the city but usually the accommodation in the city is cheap. You can actually start your vacation in the state by paying a visit to the Great Salt Lake just outside the city which is the largest salt water lake of the USA.

Utah has the third most numbers of national parks in USA after the states of Alaska and California. The southern Utah is where you will find the five largest national parks of the state and each one of them is worth a visit. One of these parks called the Zion Park has become more prominent in the last few years because of the number of tourists that are attracted by the stunning beauty and grandeur of Its Zion Canyon.

The other famous national parks in the area are the Arches, Byrce Canyon Park, Canyonlands and Capitol Reef and all of them are easily accessible from the South Lake City. Most of these national parks do offer accommodation in their resorts and hotels and it is recommended that you spend at least a couple of days in these parks to fully explore them.

Utah is also a great destination during the winters when its cities like Park City become the center of skiing and other winter sports in the country. The 2002 Winter Olympics held in Utah has helped to make it even more famous as a winter vacation spot. The skiing team of the USA has made the Park City their home and you will find quite a lot of ski resorts in the area.