Friday 15th December 2017

Is Hawaii Really that Good

Every American state has its own marvels and charms but none is more marvelous and charming then the state of Hawaii or at least this is what media tells us. The birth place of the current president of USA Barack Obama, the Hawaii is more than 2000 miles away from the mainland. If you are planning for a vacation in North America then there is fair bit of chance that you would have tried to know a little about Hawaii, and the hype created by the media and the Hollywood about this tropical paradise must have made you thinking about it. But consider the fact that its is more than 2 hour flight from the most western part of the USA which means a long flight if you are travelling from outside of states that will cost you quite a lot of fortune.

So the thing to consider is whether spending that much on your vacation is worth it. Well if you ask us, answer is yes it is. It’s most gorgeous white sandy beaches, water that is perfect for surfers and the culture of the island that is a great blend of Polynesia, Asia and North America is what makes more than 7 million tourists visit it annually. Such a large tourist traffic does not mean that you will always be surrounded by a partying crowd, in fact with a little effort you can always find your self a peaceful haven any where on the islands. 

The capital of the state is the bustling town of Honolulu; it’s also the cultural and economic center of the islands and is always teeming with activity. You can easily find direct flights to Honolulu from most of the major airports of United States. Hawaii is an archipelago of many islands, Kauai being the largest of them all, if you are on a short trip to the state then it’s a good place to explore it without travelling afar. The beaches of Honolulu are perfect for a relaxing vacation and you will find thousands of tourists lying around on the beach.

You can head in to the forests of the Kauai to see some wonderful plants and get view of the volcanoes in the center of the island that is surely stunning. Kauai is also great for the tourists who are a little short on cash as most of the cheapest resorts and hotels of the state are on this island. 

If you have time and you can afford a week stay at a resort then head to Maui Island with its pristine beaches and some very luxurious resorts. If the reason of your travel to the islands is partying on its beaches then there is no better place than Waikiki strip on Oahu’s island, you will find music, drinks and dance all across Waikiki and the parties that start in the evenings may go on till the morning. Visiting Hawaii will be a unique experience and one that you won’t be able to forget for a long time.