Wednesday 13th December 2017

Famous Places to Visit in Brasilia, Brazil

Brazil is the largest country in South America, and the fifth largest country in the world both by area and population. Brasilia is the capital of the nation and is located in the Central-west region of the country. Brasilia International airport is also located in this city, connecting Brasilia to all other cities in Brazil and many international destinations.


It is the third most important airport of Brazil in terms of fulfilling the aviation needs of domestic and international flights to Brazil. Brasilia has a Metro service known as Metro de Brasilia but its better to use buses for transportation as this underground subway system has 24 stations but most of them are away from the tourists areas, buses are more convenient for traveling in and around the city.

Central Bus station is the main bus hub in the city and also holds a main metro station. Some of the buses from this bus station run within Brasilia and others connect Brasilia to many other satellite cities. There are many places of interest within or…Read more