Wednesday 13th December 2017

Exploring the Beauty of Peru

Located in South America facing the Pacific Ocean on one side is a beautiful small country Peru. Covering a total area of nearly 496,225 square miles, sharing borders with Brazil, Bolivia, Chili, Colombia and Ecuador. Peru is a small yet attractive place for the tourists it offers extraordinary and unique attractions that make it even more popular destination then other nations in the region for instance it has the most highest and the largest lake in the region Lake Titicaca, although it is shared between Bolivia and Peru, This lake is at a height of about 12,500 feet above sea level, with immense beauty and nature’s best created views this lake is one the most beautiful lakes in the world.


Five major streams along with nearly twenty other smaller streams keep feeding this lake the source of these streams is raining and melt water from glaciers. This lake holds more than 41 small islands some of them are highly populated. Some of the Islands in this lake are Amantani, Isla del Sol, Taquile, Isla De La Luna and Suriqui.

Lima is the capital of Peru and a densely populated big city but holds a treasure of Culture, History and Architecture. This city is only eight miles from the sea and is served by the port of Callao. This city has a unique blend of cultures and different nations as people move here from the Amazon region, the mountain areas and the rain forests in search of a better life this has raised the…Read more about Peru Travel