Friday 15th December 2017

Exploring The Bahamas

Bahamas is a country consisting of many beautiful islands, it consists about 29 islands more then 2000 islets and many cays. Bahamas is located in the Atlantic Ocean covering a total area of about 13,939 square kilometers and has an estimated number of about 330,000 people. The largest city and the center of all political, economic and cultural activities is the capital Nassau located on the island of New Providence.


Bimini is the island closest to United States and this island has the title of Gateway to Bahamas, the largest island in Bahamas is the Andros Island some other inhabited and famous islands include Acklins, Mayaguana, Exuma, Cat island and San Salvador island. Nearly all islands in Bahamas are flat and are about 50 to 65 feet above sea level.

The highest point in the country is located on the Cat island the Mount Alvernia, commonly known as Como Hill, the peak of this hill is about 207 ft above sea level.Bahamas is one of the most booming countries in the region; it is the fourth wealthiest country in the Americas. Tourism is the main industry providing the country with more than 60% of the GDP and also provides employment to about half of…Read more about Bahamas