Wednesday 13th December 2017

Exploring Colorado on the Road

Colorado is the highest state of the mainland USA and the most rich of them all when it comes to scenic beauty and gorgeous landscapes. To explore its beauty many people head to the many national parks of the state after taking direct flights to Denver the capital of Colorado. But if you ask us what’s the best way to observe and enjoy this marvelous and historical state then we recommend a drive on one of the many stunning byways of the state that will take you through all the inspiring places of Colorado, from its mountains to the watersheds and also some historical towns along the way. These are a few of the most famous byways of Colorado.

Trail Ridge Road:

It is a 47 miles long road that goes from the Estes Park in the Rocky Mountain National Park to the Great Lake. It is the highest paved road of the country and will provide you with some breath taking views of the mountains along the road. The same road has been in use for centuries as the local indigenous Apache tribe has used it as a trade route for bypassing the mountain range. The current road was opened in 1932 and is open for public use only during the months of May leading to the Mid October; otherwise it is mostly covered with snow. You can decide to park your car anywhere along the road and hike on the mountains close by, the experience will be refreshing and with luck you may even get a glimpse of the wild life of the Rocky Mountains.

 Top of Rockies:

A rather longer drive than the Trail Ridge road, the Top of Rockies is 115 miles drive starting from the historical city of Leadville. You will pass through some of the most stunning landscapes of the state that includes three mountain passes, four watersheds and a view of the highest mountains of the Colorado. You can divide your journey into two parts by taking a break at burrito bus, a small town famous for its authentic Mexican cuisine. The road will not only give you an opportunity to get a glimpse of the natural beauty of the state but also a chance to see the local culture as you pass through the town of Minturn with its daily farmers market.

Santa Fe Trail: 

It is a 188 miles drive in the south west of the state close to the border of Colorado with the state of Arkansas. It will require a day drive to complete this journey but it’s a guarantee that the view on the both sides of this two lane highway will not let you get bored. If you wish you can minimize your journey to a 4 hour fun ride by stopping at Trinidad. Other than the natural beauty, the greatest attraction for traveling on the Santa Fe Trail is the Bent’s Old Fort built as the border fort between the USA and the old Mexico. It was once the place where the cultures of Mexico, the Native Americans and the Americans used to meet as the explorers use to flock the place looking for the gold in the neighboring valleys.