Friday 15th December 2017

CUBA – Beach, Babe and Cigar

Cuba is an island country in the Caribbean; the nation consists of the main island of Cuba and several other smaller islands like Isla de la Juvetud. Havana is the capital of the nation and the largest city of the nation. The second largest city is Santiago de Cuba. Like every other island in the Caribbean region Cuba is also a very popular tourist destination specially beaches are the first choice for the fun loving youngsters as well as other people. Best time to visit Cuba is from November to April as it is the dry season of this island average temperature is 23-24 degree centigrade.


Cuba has a higher literacy rate of 98.5, higher then many developed countries and a very low crime rate it has many attractions to offer like world class luxurious hotels for you during your holidays, marvelous beaches with lots of sand and clear waters for you to enjoy a swim or take a sunbath in the bright sun besides only the beaches you have many other choices like the Museum of the city, Habana Vieja or the old Havana which had been an important naval port for centuries and ruins of old city, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes  a museum divided into two sections one is The Colleccion de Arte Universal holding the artifacts and  paintings and art pieces from Latin America, Greeks and Italians. Other section of the museum or The Colleccion de Arte Cubano holds artworks and creations of prominent Cuban Artists from 16th to 20th century.

Cigar making is one of the old traditions in Cuba and the islands main export is Cigars. Even a nonsmoker would agree that without visiting the cigar factories and…Read more about Cuba