Thursday 18th January 2018

Brazil’s Best – Amazon River and Rainforest

Brazil is a well-known country and a famous tourist’s destination with big cities having nearly all the means of entertainment and enjoyment like golf courses, restaurants, hotels, cafes, museums, nightclubs, pubs, wide streets shopping centers, markets and many more. Brazil is also known for the Carnival that hits the streets of its famous cities Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Brasilia and nearly throughout the country every year. It is a festival annually celebrated in the country attracting thousands of tourists and fun lovers. Besides the carnival there are many foods, wine, music, art and dance festivals celebrated year round in the country.

brazil-valley-rainforestBeaches of Brazil are always the place of choice for nearly every tourist coming to Brazil due to white sands, clear blue waters, palms bordering the shore and magnificent natural landscapes. The ancient city, Sao Paulo is one of its kind historic attractions. All these attractions are very trendy.However, the specialty that Brazil offers is unique, unspoiled and natural without any interference of human beings, ‘the Amazon rainforest’.

The Amazon Rainforest is the one place where you can experience the true nature in its full glory. Amazon provides you with a chance to escape from the artificial man made world to the real natural world. It’s worth mentioning here that around sixty percent of the Amazon rainforest is in Brazil and this outstanding forest represents more than half of the worlds remaining rainforests. Also, it is the richest one in plants and tree species in the world.

Amazon is home to many birds and animals and some of them are unique to this part of the land only. Visiting a jungle is adventure in itself, watching the nature’s creations in their natural habitat, breathing in the pure air gives you a feeling of freshness, almost like being born again.The thrusting and splashing waters of the great Amazon River also have a variety of aqua life including many…Read more about Brazil Amazon