Friday 15th December 2017

Best Rivers for Kayaking in South America

Kayaking, considered as an adventurous sport but depending upon the situation it can be tried by the couch potatoes like me. By situation I mean the roughness of water of course and also the amount of physical effort that is needed for this activity. If you have ever done kayaking in the clear waters of a river then you already know that is there is no better way for exploring it than this, like there is no better way of exploring sea than scuba diving or at least snorkeling. Although one can do kayaking in almost any river of the world but there a few that seem to be tailored made for this activity. Like the Rio Futaleufu in the South American countries of Chile and Argentine with its clear waters and stunning beauty of its surroundings.

The river flows through the lush rain forests and valleys of Andes in the countries of Chile and Argentine and there is no better place for observing its beauty than in the Chilean town that bears the same name as the river, Futaleufu. As the town has the most well developed tourist facilities than any other on the banks of the river, so you will find most of the Kayaking enthusiast in the country heading to Futaleufu.

If you are flying form outside of the Chile then you will have to get a cheap flight to Santiago and then make the rest of the journey either by hiring a car or by the local transport service. There are a number of resorts in the area that get swarmed with the tourist during the summer season and the prices increase tremendously so try to avoid this season. If you are not confident enough to do kayaking your self then you can always hire a raft and travel in the river to observe the marvelous scenic beauty of the valleys and forests that surround the river.

Another South American river offering an awesome kayaking experience is the Cano Cristales in the northern Colombia, which is regarded by most visitors as the most beautiful river of the world. It’s not as long or wide as the Futaleufu as it is merely 100 km in length and has the maximum width of 20 meters but what makes it so special is that it is full of colors. The red and yellow algae that blossoms in summer covers the most of the river’s surface and provides a sight that one can not easily forget in his lifetime. Kayaking here will be much easier as the water is not rough and will surely be a fascinating experience.

The only problem is that the area in which the river flows is quite remote and it’s hard to get there as there are no permanent trails. If you are flying from outside of the country then take a cheap flight to Bogota and then a connecting flight to Macerna, from where you’ll have to hire a boat to get to the river. The accommodation facilities are scarce in the area so it will be a wise decision to bring your own camping equipment if you are planning to spend a couple of days there.