Friday 15th December 2017

Best Colonial City of Americas, Morelia – Mexico

If you want to see the best of the colonial era’s Mexico then head to Morelia with some of the most magnificent colonial architecture including the grand Cathedral of the city with its historical Saturday night celebrations that includes lighting, music and a beautiful firework show that attracts many visitors to it. The city center which was declared a world heritage site in 1991 by the UNESCO is not only magnificent but also inspirational with its stunning buildings and churches, open air cafes and some great pieces of colonial architecture.

Convento de Sisal Valladolid MexicoMorelia has its own airport located about 27 km from the city center and regular domestic flights are flown to different Mexican destinations by the Mexicana Airline. If you are travelling from outside of Mexico, then your first stop will be in Mexico City, the capital of the country. Many European airlines fly cheap flights to Mexico City; Mexicana the flag carrier airline of the country is also a good way to get to the city. You can decide to stay in the capital for a while or you can book the domestic flights to Morelia from the airport. There are no night flights available for Morelia so try to reach Mexico City airport in the day time.

Morelia’s old name was Valladolid and was built in 1541; it was one of the first cities built by the Spanish in the Mexico. In 1841 when the country became independent and changed its name from Neuvo Spain to Mexico, the residents of Valladolid to Morelia in honor to the local independence figure Jose Morelos. The city center is full of sixteenth and seventeenth century buildings that are still in a very good condition. You will find many restaurants and cafes in these beautiful buildings that offer the best of the Mexican cuisine.

There are many museums in the city but the best place to explore the history of the city is by visiting the grand Cathedral, built in 17th century it is still the largest and with its 70 meters high towers the highest building in the city. It is nicely preserved and has a lot of artifacts from the colonial era like the 16th century’s Spanish monarch Felipe II’s gold crown. Most of the visitors still don’t know about this marvelous city and its attractions but the word is spreading out and more and more tourists arrive into Morelia each year.