Wednesday 13th December 2017

Are You a Party Freak? Join Your Kind in Cancun

Cancun has something in common with Vegas, Dubai and Ibiza, they all are the partying cities. The tropical climate, the white sand of its beaches, traditional dancers and hundreds of nightclubs and bars make Cancun a vacation hotspot that attracts more than four million tourists each year. The reason of the visit of most of the people to Cancun is to party on its pristine beach and enjoy its lively nightlife in its clubs and bars, so if you are looking for a relaxing vacation in a peaceful environment Cancun is not the best place for you. But if you are a night hawk or a party freak, then Cancun can provide you the best time of your life. 

The new city of Cancun was born in 1970’s with the opening of its first resort. Before that it was a small fishing village that nobody knew of, but everything changed with the first wave of tourists hitting the area. You will find the most luxurious and stylish resorts and hotels of Mexico in Cancun, and what is the symbol of city, its noise which is certainly not from its traffic or the yachts cruising in the water around it, it’s the noise of the party freaks like you who try to enjoy as much as they can during their short stays in the Cancun.


Cancun has its own airport and it is the busiest in the southwest of Mexico. No European airline fly direct flights to Cancun so either you can land in Mexico city and fly with Mexicana for a connecting flight to Cancun or If a stay in USA is a part of your vacation plan then you can take flight from Houston airport in Texas with Continental, U.S Airways or Delta Air to Cancun.

You can party anywhere in town, even on its beach and you’ll not be alone as hundreds of tourists love to party on the beach. But the most famous place for party lovers is the Coco Bongo dance bar in downtown Cancun. It is famous because it’s the chosen venue for the MTV’s spring break shows and also because of its great dancers, singers and even for its clowns. Another place that will provide you with a good time is the Dady’O, it’s famous but not as much as the Coco Bongo but as a dance bar it’s much better than Coco. The setting alone sets it apart, a five storey building which resembles a cave with two storeys of dance floors and perhaps billions of flashing laser lights; this is the best dance bar of Cancun.

There is also some sightseeing opportunities in the area close to the city like the Chichen Itza an ancient Mayan temple which is surely worth visiting but if sightseeing is your primary reason for travelling so far then do not come to Cancun, instead go to Mexico City and see Tenochtitlan. Cancun is great for party freaks only.