Wednesday 13th December 2017

An Amazing Place to Visit – Dominican Republic

In the Caribbean region, on the island of Hispaniola, is located The Dominican Republic. It is the second largest nation in the Caribbean covering an area of 48,442 Square kilometer. This country is an amazing place to visit because of its travel friendly environment and a pleasant climate with an average temperature of 26 degree Celsius. Dominican Republic is a very famous tourist destination through out the year because of many great attractions like the golf courses, Caribbean’s highest mountain “Pico Duarte”, Lake Enriquillo and great biological diversity.

Casas Reales Museum Side View Dominic Republic Travel

Two airports serve this city “Las Americas International Airport” and “ La Isabela International Airport”. Las Americas International Airport is located about 15 kilometers east of the national District in Punta Cucedo. This is the major airport of the city and the nation as well dealing with most of the international flights to Dominican Republic. Estimation shows that this airport serves for over 3.4 million Passengers per year. The other airport “La Isabela International Airport” is the newly constructed airport in the northern part of the city, although it is not currently in use as a major international airport and it deals only with the domestic and chartered flights to Santo Domingo.

Santo Domingo is home to various tourist attractions including many museums like the National Museum of History and Geography, World of Ambar Museum, Museum of the Casas Reales and…Read more