Wednesday 13th December 2017

A Visit to Porto Alegre, Brazil

Porto Alegre is the 10th most populous municipality in Brazil and the center of Brazil’s fourth largest metropolitan area. It is also the capital of Brazil’s southern most state of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre is considered as one of the most important economic, political and cultural centers.


Main city lies on the eastern bank of the Guaiba Lake, a place where five rivers unite to form a giant fresh water lagoon known as “Lagoa dos Patos” meaning Lagoon of the Ducks. This port is very important commercially for the local industry and agriculture, as Porto Alegre is the main route for transporting local products like plums, rice, peaches, leather goods and shoes etc.

Lagoa dos Patos is the second largest lagoon in Latin America and the largest lagoon in Brazil. It is separated from Atlantic Ocean by a sandbar, which is about eight kilometers in width. There are many towns and cities on the coast of this lagoon like…Read more about Porto Alegre Brazil