Friday 15th December 2017

A Perfect Place for Holidays – SAINT MAARTEN

Saint Maarten is an island in the northeast Caribbean Islands. This island constitutes a total area of about 87 square kilometers and it is the smallest island that is divided between two countries Netherlands and France. St Maarten’s Dutch side is famous for the guavaberry liquors (these are rum based exotic drinks) that are native to this part of the island, this part of the island is also well known for the spectacular beaches and jovial nightlife and a lot of casinos.


St. Maarten has a busy cruise port, and you have the option to come to the island either by water or by air, to cater all the flights to St. Maarten there is an international airport “ Princess Juliana International Airport” also known as Sint Maarten international airport. It is named after Juliana the crown princess of the Netherlands who landed here in 1944. This airport also serves as a hub for many other smaller islands nearby like Leeward Islands. St. Maarten, located midway through the chain of islands in the Caribbean region is a perfect place to spend your holidays.

French side of the island is famous for the best Indian and French cuisine; shopping, latest French fashions are available at most of…Read more about St.Maarten Travel