Wednesday 13th December 2017

A Paradise for the Tourists

When it comes to tourism, having lovely holidays or a honeymoon most of us would prefer going to the Caribbean and no one can deny a trip to Virgin Islands as it is the true paradise on earth Virgin Islands is comprised of many large and small islands some of them are in British control and some are part of United States, but irrespective of the government and controls nature has greatly blessed all the Virgin Islands with a beauty that is unique and so attractive that its golden memories last in our minds even after years, and one wants to visit these symbols of natural beauty again and again.


Out of several Islands of Virgin Islands St. Thomas is the most popular one amongst the tourists. The reason for its extra popularity is its magnificent and lively nightlife that can only be enjoyed at St Thomas, other attractions that add to its fame are water sports on its coasts like Scuba diving, water scooters, Colorful corals under water, magnificent and spectacular aquatic life and much more.

Charlotte Amalie is the capital of the island it is a small yet a very charming place to visit and it’s a paradise for the tourists. This city has many hotels guest houses and…Read more about St. Thomas