Wednesday 13th December 2017

San Francisco, America’s Holiday Hotspot

If you are coming from Europe you will find the American cities a lot different than the ones in your continent. But San Francisco feels a lot closer to the home as it is the most European styled city of the USA. The city is a lot smaller in size than Los Angles and even San Diego, but small does not always mean limited, certainly not in the San Francisco’s case. It has plenty of activities and sights to offer to its visitor and this has made San Francisco as one of the top travel destinations of the continental USA.

The city is located on the 7 sq miles of land on the tip of the peninsula between the San Francisco Bay and the Pacific coast. The city is inhabited by more than eight hundred thousands people and is considered as the 4th largest city in the state of California. If you ask what is so special about San Francisco, then the answer is its populace. The San Francisco folks are considered as the most open minded and liberal in the country and it’s this open approach to the things that has made the city as a hub for the liberal movements nationwide.

Currently the city is considered as part of the three hottest vacation spots in USA, along with Florida and Hawaii. As it has the largest airport in the bay area so you can easily find a cheap flight to San Francisco from most of the major airports worldwide.The city has hotels that range from the luxurious five stars to the ones catering to the folks that are on a budget. Attractions are limitless here but you can start your tour of the San Francisco by visiting the old Rock, Alcatraz the famous fort turned prison turned tourist spot. It’s a 18th century fort that was built to protect the western coast of USA, but in the1930’s it was made the most protected federal prison in the country, you may have seen the place in that Hollywood blockbuster The Rock. A ferry service runs daily between the island of Alcatraz and the San Francisco.

The second place you don’t want to miss is the landmark of San Francisco, The Golden Gate Bridge that spans the San Francisco Bay. Built in 1937, it will be an awesome experience to walk or drive on the bridge. The cars have to pay a toll of $6 while the pedestrians can take a stroll here for free. If you are interested in arts then you will find quite a lot of inspiring art works in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Arts, which showcases the work of some of the best artists of the city and the state.

San Francisco was home to not only some liberal social movements but also to some great art movements as well for getting a glimpse at the performing arts of San Francisco head to the the San Francisco Opera House which conducts regular jazz and organ concerts on almost daily basis.

The dinning experience in San Francisco can be memorable as well; the city is full of world class restaurants that serve the local as well as international cuisine. Another aspect of the city that attracts the tourists is its lively nightlife, so if you are a party lover then you will find quite a lot of night clubs all across the city.