Friday 15th December 2017

Planning a Family Vacation in Washington D.C

Choosing USA as your vacation destination means you get your self virtually limitless opportunities for some awesome entertainment and relaxation. Beaches, hip cities, national parks and historical monuments, you name it and you will find it somewhere in this vast country.

For those who are interested into the historical background of this comparably new nation and want to visit some of its glorious monuments, the best place will be the capital of the country Washington D.C. Located close to the eastern coast of the US along the Potomac river, the district is full of historical places, museums, art galleries and some gorgeous scenery.

Most people prefer Washington as a family vacation destination because of its child friendly environment and the amount of informative tours available in the city which provide information regarding the history and culture of the country. But travelling to Washington during the summer vacation means a real danger of getting sun stroke because of the heat of the region and the large crowds that swarm the famous monuments and parks of the city.

To be safe always try to visit the famous places that get crowdie like the Zoo of Washington in the early hours of the day as soon as they open for business and spend the rest of the day in some less famous but very attractive places. For exploring some famous monuments another best time is during the evening when the temperature is mild and a cool breeze blows into the city but try to avoid the rush hour of the city that starts around 5 pm and last till 6:30 pm.

As said earlier the city is full of places that are worth visiting but one place that every one head first after taking a cheap flight to Washington D.C is the National Mall. It is a grassy pedestrian avenue with the Smithsonian Institute’s eight free entry museums. The museums are jam packed for the most days and it’s hard to see the exhibits properly but you can always find some place with a lot less visitors than the rest of the place like the moon and solar system exhibit in the National Air and Space Museum.

t is an exhibit that is there for the last 30 years and most of the people have already seen it, if you are not one of them then it will surely attract you toward itself. You will find many aircrafts and space ships hanging in the hangar area of the museum. The other museums famous with the families are the National Museum of Natural sciences and National Museum of American history.

Now the Smithsonian has enough attractions for a one week vacation but another place worth visiting is the Capital Hill which has served as the residential quarters of the politicians of USA for more than 3 centuries. Just a stroll north to the Capitol Hill is the Lincoln Park with lush surroundings and some open air restaurants that offer an opportunity for relaxing and having some good quality family time.