Friday 15th December 2017

Must See Places in the Fascinating City of New York

Whenever you imagine the New York City what words comes to your mind are fascinating, exciting, unique and most cultured. The city of New York has always inspired the imagination of its visitors as the most happening city of the world, one that never sleeps. The city is so large and yet so diverse that it will require more than a life time to explore it properly. Each neighborhood has its own flavor, each museum has something unique to show, each park has its own beautiful setting and each monument has an inspiring history behind it.

Empire State Building New York City 

The New York airport is the busiest in the United States and you can get direct flights to New York from almost all major airports of the world. If you are looking for a cheap flight to New York from Europe then KLM, Air France, Alitalia, Iberia and British Airways are a few good options. If this is your first tour of the city then it will be quite confusing to make up your mind about what to see in the city as the attractions are perceivably limitless. You can start your tour of the city with a visit to the Empire State Building which held the status for the tallest building in the world for a long time, the panoramic view of the New York City from the top deck of the building is fascinating.

Statue of Liberty New York 

And off course the symbol of New York and perhaps of the USA, the Statue of Liberty will surely be on your must see list. As the statue is located on the Liberty Island, so you will have to take a ferry for getting to it and as thousands of visitors flock the harbor each day for visiting the Lady Liberty you will have to wait for about 90 minutes in a queue to get your ticket. So a better idea will be to make a booking in advance online or through your hotel. The statue was sent by the French as a gift and a symbol of solidarity of the French people to the freedom struggle of United States and is a gorgeous piece of art. Also do pay a visit to the Immigration Museum on the Ellis Island close by.

And third must see place will be the Time Square, the place that makes New York a city that never sleeps and a stroll around the square will let you know why is that. The super signs of the buildings of the Time Square have become its icons; these super signs are the most costly advertisement hoardings anywhere in the world as you will be paying around 1000 USD if you want a small 1 minute ad on the large screens of the square. The Broadway theaters and cinemas of the square are also its great attractions and will surely provide you with some quality time.