Friday 15th December 2017

Gorgeous Mancora, Peru

Peru has always been a mysterious destination for tourists, its mystic mountains, white sandy beaches and the friendly locals has always inspired them. One of the most famous places with the tourists is Mancora along the Peruvian coast. Here the bone white sand stretches for miles in the sunniest place of Peru. This is the place where you will find the most luxurious resorts along with the cheapest ones in the country. The nightlife of Mancora is thought to be one of the top three in whole of the South America.

Although it has a small airport close by but if you are travelling from outside the country then you’ll have to find yourself a cheap flights to Quito and either take a connecting flight to Mancora or travel by the local bus service to the area. You can also hire a car for the journey, for which you can contact your hotel in Mancora who will provide you with pick and drop from the Quito Airport.

Located roughly halfway between Tumbas and Talara, the Mancora provides some stunning views of the Panamericana passing through the middle of the place. If you travel in the month of March or December you will find the place pretty chaotic as thousands of tourists flock the area and in result the prices for accommodation, food and travel sky rockets. So try not to travel in these months as it’s costly and also you won’t be able to enjoy your vacation because of the chaos created by these rowdy tourists.

If you are interested in a relaxing mud bath then take a mototaxi to the Mancora hot springs located 11 km from the town. It’s a natural hot spring with warm water bubbling out and powder like mud which is believed to have curative properties, perfect for a face mask. There are couples of restaurants close to the springs which provide some refreshments. 

The surrounding wooded landscape offers a great opportunity for hiking and motor biking. You can hire a motor bike through your hotel and enjoy your time on the dirt trails in the mountainous area around the town. If you are looking for something different then hire yourself a horse and explore the area on its back. The gorgeous landscape will provide ample opportunities for taking memorable photographs. 

If you are a surfer than Mancora will be your paradise, you will find the strongest surfs in its waters perfect for an awesome surfing experience. There a number of boating clubs in the area that offer boats on hire along with the crew to take you deep into the sea where you can scuba dive or snorkel as well.

The town of Mancora has kept its traditional life style of a small fishing village, although there has been an explosion of tourism in the area. You can enjoy the freshest sea food cooked in the traditional restaurants of the area as it comes right off from the fishermen’s boat. The Mancora has made its mark in the tourism industry of South America and you will surely enjoy your stay at this marvelous place.