Wednesday 13th December 2017

Florida’s Secret, Stunning Ten Thousand Islands

There are some places in that world that cast a spell on the mind of its beholder and leave their permanent effect on their memories, yet they get only a few visitors. Everglades National park of Florida and its Ten Thousand Islands is one such place. With its stunning landscape, beautiful setting and unbelievable sense of solitude offers a great opportunity for a relaxing vacation, but this is an opportunity that most visitors to the area miss out on considering it just another swamp which its certainly not, not even technically because it’s a prairie rather than a swamp as its not stagnated and moves though slightly towards the ocean.

Located in the Southern Florida, Everglades is home to the most numbers of alligators per square mile in whole of United States and they have become the symbol of the park. It is considered as the most endangered national park of the country and a lot of effort is being put to restore the park. If you are flying from outside the country then the best option will be to take a cheap flight to Miami and then make the journey to the Everglades city by road. The city is small, it’s more of a town than a city but it can provide you with some quality accommodation at a reasonable price. You can take the tour of the Everglades Park in your car, but the greatest attraction of the park is the chain of small islands and islets called the Ten Thousand Islands. These are not literally ten thousand islands but still the chain consists of numerous islands each one of which has its own unique ecosystem and can provide you with some memorable views.

To get to the islands you will need a ride of a boat or the traditional canoe through the waterway that stretches for 99 miles around the islands. The islands look dissolute and lush at the same time. With the tropical climate of the area, the plants and bushes have really blossomed in the islands providing an excellent nesting place for the alligators and other swamp animals and reptiles. The experience of moving through the water ways will give you the feeling of if you are in one of the old Anaconda movies moving in the dense Amazon jungle in search of the large reptile, there are no anacondas here but still beware of the alligators lurking in its waters. There have been only a few reported incidents of alligators attacking or injuring any human in these waters but it is good to be a little cautious and stay out of the trouble by not venturing too deep in the water.

Some of the islands are large enough for you to stay on for a day and enjoy the tropical climate of the place in these beautiful settings. This is a place that most visitors don’t consider for travelling so most probably you will have an island all for your self.