Friday 15th December 2017

Awe Inspiring Big Sur in California

USA is such a huge travel destination that even after spending many summers in trying to visit every one of its attractions, there will be many places left that you will have to visit the next summer. Big Sur is one such place that has come on the tourist’s radar just recently and its raw beauty is attracting more and more tourists each year. The awe inspiring natural beauty of this gorgeous place is surely worth visiting this year if you have already planned a vacation in USA.

Located along the Central coast of California, Big Sur is the hidden gem of the state of California and still many tourists don’t even know of it. Big Sur is a natural wonder of the United States and the only place that one can compare it with in natural beauty is the Grand Canyon in Nevada. And it is perhaps the only place in USA that’s worth visiting and still there are not much hotels or resorts in the area which is good in a sense that the place has stayed unspoiled and the human impression is minimum. Even the basic necessities like electricity have not reached the area yet and you will be able to observe it in its true natural colors.

The closest international airport is in Los Angeles so if you are flying from outside the states then try to find a cheap flight to Los Angeles. Thou there are busses that run between Los Angeles to San Barbera and then to the Big Sur but if you want to explore the area properly and want to enjoy the natural beauty of the place then try to hire a car for the journey. There is another advantage for travelling by car as there will be a lot of sightseeing opportunities along the way and you can always stop and pay a visit to many national parks along the road.

There are a number of spots of Big Sur that you can visit, starting with the Paddington Cove which is 1 mile from the main highway and there is dirt trail that goes from the highway to the cove. You will pass through a magnificent bridge and stunning tunnel that were built back in 1930’s during the prohibition ere by the rum runners who used to store their rum in the cove. The water along the cove is incredibly aqua and although there is no access to the beach here but the view from the top of the rocky coastline is awesome and will surely make you gasp.

The most beautiful beach of the area is the Pfeiffer beach located 2 miles from the main highway, and is a great place to witness the power of the ocean. Swimming in the coastal water is not advised as the currents are strong and the water is deep plus there are no lifeguards here to save you if you get in to trouble. Instead relax on the soft sand of its beach, which is not white but purple.