Friday 15th December 2017

A Safari in USA, Yellowstone

United States of America has the lowest percentage of passport holders in the western world, one wonders why? The answer is quite simple the USA is so vast and diverse that the locals get all the flavors of the world in their own country, so why would they want to travel abroad. If they are looking for a beach vacation then they don’t need to travel half a world away to Phuket or Bali because they have the world’s whitest sandy beaches in Florida. If they are looking for some stunning landscapes then no need to go to the outback of Australia, they have the most gorgeous landscape in the form of Grand Canyon in Nevada.

There is no better city for entertainment in the world than the Las Vegas and none more proud of its arts and culture than the city of New York. Similarly if they want to do some game viewing then they have the Yellowstone National park in Wyoming so there is no need to get a passport for going to Africa.

Yellowstone is the oldest national park of the United States and the one that has the largest concentration of wildlife in the country. Grizzly bears are the most famous of them all but there are many more like Bison, Elks and Pronghorns that provide awesome game viewing opportunities. If you couple it all with the roaring rivers, majestic mountains and the soaring geysers you get your self the best adventurous vacation spot. The Yellowstone has its own minor airport but if you are flying from outside of the country then the best idea will be to take a cheap flight to Denver which acts as a staging ground for all the adventure tours in the area of Rocky Mountain.

Yellowstone National Park covers an area of roughly 3209 sq miles and is located in three states but the majority of the park’s area is in the state of Wyoming. The conservation efforts put in the park by the wildlife authorities have resulted in abundant numbers of rare species of large mammals like grizzlies, bison, elks and grey wolf. Most of them were close to extinction especially the bison and the grey wolf which were hunted with an unbelievable ferocity in the 19th century. The evidence of this success story of the park is the more than 4000 bison and 30,000 elks that roam free in this large park. The best way to explore this natural diversity of Yellowstone is to take a tour of the park in company of the park rangers.

The mountain trails in the Yellowstone is another attraction as they will provide you with some awesome sightseeing opportunities. It is home to more than half of the geysers and hot springs of the world and you can find one in almost all parts of the park. The accommodation facilities are mostly located around the entrance area but if you are adventurous enough then you can camp out in the wild and observe the beauty of this magnificent park up close.