Friday 15th December 2017

A Complete Family Entertainment at San Diego County Fair

This summer, if you are in California then head to San Diego County for attending one of the best Fairs in the whole of North America. Held annually in Del Mar San Diego, the fair offers many attractions ranging from concerts, exhibitions, rides, contests and many more to amuse its visitors. You will not regret for making this journey as the atmosphere around the fair is electrifying with thousand of enthusiast visitors enjoying the best time of their lives in the bars and cafes of the fair.

San Diego County Fair North AmericaThe San Diego County Fair was started in 1880 as a small agricultural fair where the farmers and their families can celebrate a good harvest, it is being held annually ever since. In the beginning there was no permanent location for the fair and it was held in different places of the county but in 1936 the Del Mar was made the permanent home of the fair which has now become the 5th largest fair in the continent. The fair starts in the middle of the month of June and ends on the 5th of July; you can visit the fair on any day during this except on the Mondays when the fair is closed for maintenance and cleaning purposes.

Getting to San Diego is easy; if you are flying from outside the United States then you can get a direct flight to San Diego from most of the major European and Asian airports. Virgin Atlantic, KLM, Iberia and Lufthansa are a few good options for a cheap flight to San Diego from the Europe. 

You will find many art exhibitions in the fair featuring the work of the most famous painters, sculptures, photographers and digital artists of the county and the state. Most of these exhibitions are free for the local public but some of them may charge a small fee for the entrance. And as no fair is complete without some breath taking rides for the kids, the San Diego Fair has 39 different rides and many more games so that your kids can enjoy their stay at the Fair.

The concerts include the best Rock artists of the town and the state of California, so if you are a rock music enthusiast then get ready for a pumped up and loud performance by these famous artists. As it all started as an agricultural fair back in late 19th century so it can not be completed without some really mouth watering culinary experiences. There are many restaurants and cafes in the fair that serve the best cuisine of the town and also conduct culinary contests, if you think the chef in you is good enough to compete then give it a go.

The Fair provides a complete family entertainment and is worth spending a couple of days, if you are travelling from outside the town then you can find accommodation close to Del Mar but as there will be many tourists in the area the prices may be a little on the higher side.